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Easter’s Cuming!

(Don’t tell the Christians, they’ll FREAK!)


This is not really all that correct. THE ORIGINAL CELEBRATION OF EASTER IS RELATED TO THE WORSHIP OF THE GODDESS EASTORE, A PAGAN GODDESS OF SPRING. THE STORY OF THE EASTER BUNNY IS RELATED TO THIS: AT SOME TIME IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER, A BIRD WAS CAUGHT FLYING IN A BIG SNOW STORM, AND WAS GOING TO DIE. EASTORE TOOK PITY ON THE BIRD AND TRANSFORMED IT INTO A BUNNY/RABBIT SO IT COULD SURVIVE. THE RABBIT LAYED EGGS IN SPRING IN GRATITUDE. That is the basic idea of the myth involved. It is possible that the goddess Eastore was derived from Ishtar, and yes it is true that most spring celebrations were/are celebrations of  fertility,but I don’t think it’s really a good idea to spread such a simplified version around. Also, while all things relating to fertility were attributed Ishtar, there are other symbols, such as the lion and the dove, that have a much closer association with her; you can see her influence on Aphrodite and Athena, as she was a goddess of war as well as of romantic and sexual love. Also, while Easter and Ishtar sound vaguely similar, you do not pronounce Ishtar the same as Easter. Where did you find this information, just curious? 

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